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Ready & Prepared!

- We Sanitize Manikins before each class.

- Clean/Sanitize Training Room Before,
During, as needed with Clorox Wipes & Lysol Spray Disinfectant.

- We follow current PPE guidelines.

- Smaller Class Sizes for proper distancing.


We have QCPR-equipped manikins!

QCPR meets the optimum standard for the
AHA’s 2019 feedback requirement.


Heartsaver courses are intended for Fortune 1500
companies and for employees in industries such as:

- Security

- Law Enforcement

- State Correctional Facilities

- Colleges and Universities

- Hospitality

- Health and Fitness Personnel

- Property Management

- Construction Workers

- Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety

- Child Care Workers

- Manufacturing

- Airline Personnel



Welcome to Rhonda Fingar’s AHA Heartsaver Courses

We teach the most current AHA Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED (with the 2015 AHA Heartsaver starting in Spring 2016). We also have a class for proper handling of Bloodborne Pathogens and even provide Respirator Fit Testing.


 Our classes combine video with hands-on demonstrations including emergency scenarios that may occur in your workplace. Our focus is to provide thorough instruction and one-on-one interaction with students. Each student plays a vital roll in each class with opportunities to share their relevant personal experiences as part of the learning dynamic.


Because our business is agile, you can enjoy training classes when and where you want them. In fact, training is even available 24 hours a day, to accommodate late-shifters. Unlike larger training companies, we will not certify you and forget about you, we will keep you current and challenged, going forward.  You can contact me anytime, via email, to fulfill your company needs. The Heartsaver courses cover a lot of material in a short time. We ask that the students pay close attention and ask questions.  Plan to start class on time because it will be hard for late students to catch up once we start.


Heartsaver courses allow significantly greater practice time for all students than in the past.  As a result students should be able to perform CPR more effectively.

Are your SDS (Formerly MSDS) files in order?  Do you have the proper signage?  Let us help assist you in becoming OSHA compliant.

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