OSHA Safety Compliance Training


Every company who has employees is required by OSHA to have a workplace safety compliance program. Rhonda Fingar Safety Services, LLC can help you identify, develop, implement and manage these general & construction industry requirements and regulations.




OSHA Compliance Training

Rhonda Fingar Safety Services will first do a company walk-thru to inspect  area's that are non-compliant and identify direct hazards.  We will then set up your safety training.


Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

We will come to you and fit test your employees annually.

This may include setting up your program if not currently in place.


Written OSHA Safety Programs


 - Respiratory Protection

 - Hazard Communication Program (GHS - Global Harmonized System)

 - Lockout/Tagout - Energy Isolation

 - Exposure Control Bloodborne Pathogens

 - Assist you in setting up SHARP program

   (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program)


The Importance of Having a First Aid Trained Employee

In every company or organization, you should be ready for the worst to happen.  Having employees who have the basic knowledge of first aid helps you get ready for any happening in your work place. It is a morale builder to employees since they can also take this training home to their families.


To maintain compliance employers are required to have quarterly safety meetings.  A First Aid, CPR and AED course help meet the quarterly training requirements.  Once there is an injury in the workplace, OSHA investigators will be on the premises to investigate safety records.  The investigative process begins the minute rescue personnel arrive at the site. Rescue and hospital personnel are required to report all industrial accidents to OSHA. A large percentage of companies have incurred large fines from safety violations.











Are your SDS (Formerly MSDS) files in order?  Do you have the proper signage?  Let us help assist you in becoming OSHA compliant.

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